How Much Cash Can You Deposit Into A Bank Account?


3 Answers

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Probably as much as you want. Depending on the bank there might be a minimum deposit for it.
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james caison answered
You can deposit whatever amount you want but it will only be insured up to $250.000.oo , also if you deposit
more than $9,999.00 in an individual account at one time a form will be issued to the IRS.
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Anonymous answered
I'm with Fishwiz on this one, you can deposit however much you want, but you will only be insured up to a certain value depending on the bank you use.  Also, I don't think you can take out more than a certain amount at a time.  Your banker will know how much you are insured to and how much you can withdraw at one time, and they should be more than happy to tell you.

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