How Can I Get A Cash Loan Immediately, If I Don't Have A Bank Account?


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It is very difficult to get a cash loan immediately without a bank account, so much so that the question is almost unanswerable. Even most prepaid debit accounts will not stand up the way a regular bank account will when applying for credit or a loan (cash or otherwise).

Nearly every cash loan organization, even the less reputable ones that offer quick approval, requires you to have a job and a bank account. This is because without a bank account they have no way to keep track of you, and no means of garnishing money if you do not pay back the loan on time.

Without a bank account, most loan places will view you as a risk, especially since they have no way of taking money from you if you default. Having bad credit or a strained bank account is worlds better than having no bank account, as without a bank account you don’t exist financially.

It’s almost impossible to imagine a debt or credit problem that would necessitate being without a bank account. Opening a bank account is key to getting any kind of loan, even if you have a high-paying job or money on the way.

In general, getting an immediate cash loan with no bank account is almost an impossible task to attempt. The best suggestion is to open up a bank account, so that you’re on the financial map, and failing that, to try to patch up whatever debts or credit strikes are preventing you from obtaining a proper bank account.
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How can I get a cash loan immediately,if I don't have a bank account but I have a visa prepaid credit card
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Ask your mates and family?

Otherwise, one way or another you need some kind of security against the loan. "Security" means an object, such as a car, house or other valuable, which you agree to give to the lender if you don't pay the loan back.

Assuming that you don't have a car or house... do you have anything that you could trade in at a pawn-broker?

There are also door-step lenders, and similar, small-amount lending agencies that may be willing to advance you cash. Many of these are legitimate and do operate (reasonably) ethically with many satisfied customers. But beware that the interest rates these companies charge are normally very high (relatively). They also don't loan to just anybody. You can't be sure that they'll think you're going to pay it back; they may not loan to you.

Do you really need the cash? How big a mess will you be in if you can't pay it back after all? Might be better to talk to Citizen's Advice Bureau first, for help in rearranging your financial situation, before seeking a cash loan.

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