A Company Will Have To Pay $50,000 Liability In Four Years. How Much Must Be Deposited Now Into A Bank Account Earning 8% Compounded Semiannually To Fully Fund The Future Payment?


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This appears to be a finance or business management question. Many people ask questions like this on the Internet, and the answer is always the same. You will not get a solution that is actually going to help your studies unless you do the research yourself using material that has been created in order to aid your studies.

The Internet might be fantastic resource, and you may be able to get answers for near enough everything, but you must remember that when it comes to your university or high school studies, you have already been provided with all the information that you require in order form structured and accurate answers. The facts are there too, not just to allow you to get answers to right, but for you to learn and completely understand a specific topic.

If you are going to understand such advanced business management, and if you’re going to remember it in the future to a sufficient level that would allow you to get a good career out of your studies, then asking questions on the Internet is not going to help. Not only is it incredibly unlikely that you’re going to get an answer that will help you, but it is also unlikely for you to get an answer that even provides an insight into this level of business management study.

So if you really want to succeed in business, you’re going to have to answer the question yourself. Not only will the information literally not be available for you on the Internet given how specific it is, but very few people even on discussion boards will be willing to help you given the complexity of the question. Use your course resources and you should be able to answer this yourself!

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