How To Get An Instant Cash Advance On A Netspend Debit Card With No Bank Account?


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Getting an instant cash advance on a Netspend debit card with no bank account is basically impossible.

Most instant cash advances and pay day loans require you to write a check to them at the outset of the loan, which must be written from a bank account.

Getting a cash advance with a Netspend debit card
The check you write to the instant cash advance place is what they try to cash on the agreed upon date.

With only a Netspend debit card, you cannot write a check, and therefore the instant cash advance company has no way of collecting on the debt, should you default.

Even if you have credit strikes against you it’s possible to get an instant cash advance, so unless you have an immediate and massive debt preventing you from getting a bank account.

Having a bank account is the surest way to get an instant cash advance. Without a valid bank account, it is next to impossible to get a loan through any legal means.

Pay day loan and instant cash advance places don’t give loans out to people who have no banking information, since no bank account means that they have nowhere to go to get their money back if you should default. A bank account also helps to verify the personal information you have given them.

You can’t get an instant cash advance with a Netspend or any other prepaid debit or credit card, since they can easily be abandoned and re-opened by anyone at any time.

Your best bet is to get a bank account, in which case an instant cash advance is easy to obtain as long as you have a job.
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Not true. Go to If you get your paycheck deposited to your Netspend acct, you can get a cash advance.
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You cannot use another advance company to get an advance, but Netspend did offer the iadvance for premier customers only, but as of October 13th they no longer offer it.
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Without an account you can't get debit card and money!
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Most companies require you to have an account of your wages that go into attached to a valid debit card.
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Only if you pay for the Premier card and wait 10 business days to get it! What's the point in that?
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Sorry you can't because money can only be loaded via the account info (for direct deposit) however it can't be removed the same way.

That is why (I was told) you can't get a cash advance on it. You would have to get cash then load it on to it, however I believe most want a checking or savings account.  I have a Netspend and would love to get a cash advance on it.

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