How Much Cash Must Be Deposited In A Savings Account As A Single Amount In Order To Accumulate $300,000 At The End Of 12 Years, Assuming That The Account Will Earn 10% Interest In First 6 Years And 8% Interest In Last 6 Years?


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Larry Patterson answered
First off, don't proceed based on this info until it is checked closely.  It can only be considered an estimate at best.

If you can get 10% (big if) and if it is compounded monthly, if you invested
$ 91,570,  it should increase to  $ 300,015  in 12 years ( 144 months).

There are formulas for these calculations but I just based it on some programs I have set up in MS EXCEL.
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Ellie Hoe answered
F.v = P(1+I)^n
F.v = 300,000
P = ?
n = 12
I = 10%

Putting the values in the equation you will get
300000= P(1+.10)^12
300000 = P(3.138428376721)
300000/ 3.1384 = P

P = 95589.2453 >>>answer

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