What Is The Role Of Advertising In Business?


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Professionals at advertising agencies and other advertising organizations offer a number of functions including:

Account Management
Creative Team
Media Planners
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The advertising agencies are responsible for marketing and producing their client's brand.For example, if the client is Dell Computers, the agency's role is to see what are the best ideas in promoting the product.It can be done with television commercials, print ads or internet ads. There are many services an agency offers to its client.
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- function for the clients
  - function for the media-owners
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Advertising plays a very important role for any business. Marketing department is the brad winner for the businesses as they are the ones who do market research, develop, advertise and sell products. Advertising is very important because there are literally thousands of companies manufacturing the same thing and what differentiates their products from each other are the brand names not the actual product. Advertising creates competitive advantage by positioning the product in such a way that people want to buy it. All this boils to down to the fact that when consumers have so much choice, why will they buy your product? Here advertising comes in to play that promotes the product in an way that people buy it.
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An Advertising agency is responsible for coming up for an Idea for an advertisement for the customers these customers my be anyone Coke Cola, Pepsi Adidis, Nike anyone who has something to sell pays money to an advertising agency to get there product into the mind of customer.
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They provide promotional expertise, specialized services and design ad campaigns as well as photography, film and other media to promote products, services and business in general.

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