What Is The Role Of Intranet In Business Research?


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The internet is to the internal system of the organization what the internet is to its external environment. That is it links internal data networks of the company but prevents access to other outside the company. It also facilitates data gathering from with the company. For e example surveys can be easily conducted through the intranet to assess employee moral or popularity of benefit packages. The intranet can be creatively put to use. Cronin remarked that Ford's intranet success is so spectacular that the automaker's in-house website could save billion dollars and fulfill a cherished dream of building cars on demand. Cronin went on to explain how the carmaker's product development system documents thousand of steps that go into manufacturing, assembling and testing vehicles.

By opening its intranet to major suppliers, Ford customized every car and truck while reducing cost at the same time. For instance suppliers could provide car seats in the sequence of colors needed so that blue seats are ready just when the blue cars reach the seat installation station. By opening up its intranet to suppliers and coordinating the delivery and assembly of thousands of components some auto companies tried to move closer to manufacturing on demand.

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