What Is The Purpose Of Advertising?


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It’s an oversimplification to say that the purpose of advertising is to sell a product.  This is certainly true but there are other applications, depending on who the client or sponsor is.  Political parties advertise, as do special interest groups, religious organizations, government agencies, health care organizations and charities.

The function of some forms of advertising may be solely to inform, to raise awareness.  People can’t make informed choices if they’re not aware of the options available to them.  They can’t utilize resources that they don’t know exist.  Public service announcements, for example, are a form of advertising.

Commercial advertising works to inform as well; "branding” strategy in advertising attempts to create a positive impression by associating particular qualities with a product.  Carefully calculated language and images are used to stress a product’s desirable qualities as a means of influencing consumer choice; effective advertising persuades.

Reiteration is used as a means of promoting product recognition.  Through repetition, a product becomes established in the minds of the targeted audience.  Most people need to hear information more than once before they retain it, so reinforcing the message becomes another reason to advertise.

Emphasizing the strong points of a product or service through advertising benefits a sponsor in another way; it creates a better appreciation for the product, thus creating added value for the brand.   Educating consumers through advertising creates an easier selling climate for the sponsor because customers are already familiar with the product.

It’s easy to get tired of all the advertising, because we’re so media-saturated every day.  We already had television, radio, newspapers, magazines, outdoor signage and direct mail.  Now in addition we have websites and text messaging.  You have to filter some of it out just to function but it does serve a purpose for both consumers and providers.  It would be a very different, probably narrower world without advertising.
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The advertising has following purposes:
• To attract new buyers and try to expand customer base.
• To compete in the market.
• To create an organization's recognition among consumers.
• To promote subsidiary or products manufactured by the same company.
• To bring into notice the changes, special offers or current developments of the interest of the consumers.
• To increase the sale of a particular product.
• To carry out public relations and public service program.

Advertising begins with the advertiser the individual or organization that usually initiates the advertising process. The advertiser also makes the final decisions about what the advertising will be directed to, the media in which it will appear the size of the advertising budget, and the duration of the campaign.

The major player in the advertising world is the media used by these advertisers. The media are the channels of communication that carry the messages from the advertiser to the audience. Media organizations are organized to sell space (in print media) and time (in broadcast media).

Another major player in the world of advertising is the collective variety of service organizations that assist advertisers, advertising agencies, and the media-the vendors. Members of this group are also referred to as free-lancers, consultants, and self-employed professionals.
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Advertisement: Advertisement consists of all activities involved in presenting to a group an oral of visual message regarding a product service of an idea. It is an art of creating a demand for the product or service. Advertisement is the presentation of ideas, goods or services for the purpose of including people to buy.

Purposes of advertising:
Following are the main purposes of Advertising.
Giving Information: The first and the most important purpose of advertisement are to inform the public about the availability of new product, service or an idea that is being sold in the market. This is aimed for creating a demand for new product and the new product has to be known to public.

To Persuade: Advertisement not only informs but also serves to influence the public to buy the product or services. For example a company seeks to induce the public to buy its particular brand of soap in preference to others.

To Remind: Advertisement also serves to remind consumers of existing products, that the product may be needed in future and where to buy the product. It is necessary for the advertiser to constantly draw the attention of consumer to his product and away from other competitive brands, which may be heavily advertised.
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The main purposes of Advertising :

Aware People for New Services or Brand or Product.
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The purpose of advertising is to tell the consumer about any new product or service or any new promotion on the existing product and service. The basic purpose of advertising is to communicate the news to the user or the customer that there is something new in the market. But when we go into the depth the advertising serves the source to persuade or attract customer about the product to do a certain action which is usually to purchase a product. The purpose of advertising is to describe the features and characteristics of product or service in the visual form so that the customer can understand it easily. So the advertising has become an important for the business today.

A good advertisement persuades the customer to the final purchase and keeps them motivated to do a certain action. So advertising has an important role in the today's business. The advertising not only persuades the customer to buy only but also gives them the options that can be considered when they go to purchase to distinguish the products among many. So when the customer goes to purchase any thing he will once think about it that there is a certain product with certain features.
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In short, Advertising is designed to make people unhappy. What they have is rubbish because it can only do X and Y, and the newer version can do X, Y and Z and faster.

If people are unhappy with their perfectly working mobile phone they will buy the one seen in the advert and stop using the old one.

A couple of tricks from advertising: "Incentive" (If you buy this or spend this much (eg. £50), we'll give you this for free or take 3p off each liter of fuel.

"Subliminal Messaging" this is seen as illegal in normal adverts but you still see it fair amount in Games, Movies, Films, and other kinds of events. Subliminal messaging in a designers sense is having one or two frames of the 24 shown in a single second devoted to something like a message. To give an example an innocent consumer walks into the ticket area of a cinema and as they approach the indoor mat a light flashes into their eyes with the Coca Cola logo, now the person has not noticed this because it has vanished so quickly but the chances are that this person will choose to buy Coca Cola before entering the cinema.
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To get you to remember the product. They really can't make you buy but if I start a jingly everyone would be able to finish it and remember the product.

To communicate with the consumers about the relevant feature and design. It informs the consumer about what the product or service does and how it can help the consumer.

The problem with ads really how effective are they in the internet world? Pop up blockers filter them and websites are force to sell space off to the right of the screen, Now the consumers choose what ads they are exposed to. There are a lot of problems in my opinion.
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To sell.
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Advertisements have many purposes.
Advertisements are made to develop a Brand, It is created to develop Brand Recognition and also Goodwill of any product. Advertisements helps in gaining more market share.
Advertisements are also made to develop awareness among public whether it is new Product or Public Service Message.
Advertisements influence people a lot in making decisions and developing awareness, If they are designed creatively.
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Convey message of product and company's image across to consumer who will decodes the meaning of the advertisement. Purpose is to inform , persuade and remind consumers. Inform them of the new product available , persuade them that your product is good and they should buy it and also to remind them of their unfulfilled needs and wants.
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There are several schools of thought on this subject. Advertising can be defined as the act of promoting a business or service. So then is the purpose "to promote a business or service"? Sure, fine.

BUT, what good is promotion without SALES!?

I subscribed to the hallucination that it is advertising's purpose or job to facilitate the buying decision of a prospect. If your advertising does not help the prospect by giving them information that can assist them in "making up their mind" on whether or not to use your service or product then what is it doing?? Probably just costing you a lot of money, instead of making you money.
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Advertising can be defined as the business of drawing the attention of public to goods and services .This is done through different forms of the media.Media plays an important role in influencing public opinion.They use newspapers,the radio and the television to advertise there products.Advertising has a lasting visual impact on the consumer's mind.People living even in remotest corners of India can now watch TV.Even the internet has become an important medium as it can influence people living outside our country.Even children choose products based on TV commercials that they have watched.
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Advertising is a base of every business. There are different ways of promoting business as TV, Internet, Radio etc. Many business owners use exhibition display stand to get potential customers. It is the best of advertising. We can use these kind of products at any seminar, shopping centers and trade shows. 

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The purpose of advertising is that you convince people to buy stuff plus the stuff that you try to sell has to be attractive so that it catches the audience's attention.
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