What Are The Features Of Advertising?


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Advertising is aimed at promoting and selling not only tangible and physical goods, but also ideas and services. Most often services like banking and insurance are sold through advertising.

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Not certain I understand the question. Advertising is a way of promoting your product. There are many venues for promoting your product. Advertising agencies uses all sources of media outlets, publications, TV, Outdoor, Internet, Radio to promote a client's product. If the product creates a buzz is turns into big profits for the client.
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what i meant was, basically I'm doing a kind of report on advertising as a whole and i need to know what features advertising itself has like for eg. its a one way process.
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True that is,but what do you have to cover when you want to advertising something,like what do you include in your advert to make it more sensible to the market.
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There are different people who will tell you different things about what goes into advertising. Depending upon a point of view they could show you sites that exhibit good advertising, or bad advertising. The best kind of advertising is up to debate. Is it the kind of advertising that gets the most results, or is it the kind of advertising that gets the most long term recognition? There are levels of debates about what constitutes false advertising, manipulative advertising and so there
are laws which protect consumers about the limits to which advertisements can go. I suggest you seek websites from the most reputable avenue of arbiters for advertising. The advertising industry's source of sources of ideas: Advertising Age. adage.com

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