What Is The Role Of Advertising In Marketing?


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In marketing it must be remembered that advertising is an element of promotion that effects other marketing variables.
Advertising affects the marketing of the product and how it is viewed. Advertising is designed to give the customer a view of the product that the marketing department has set out. Advertising also creates an image through the advertising of the price. For example, a high price gives the impression of a quality product, and a low price the opposite. People associate a lot of their opinions on a product by way of the price.
Where the product is advertised is another part of how a product is marketed. Goods available in certain shops result in a certain impression. This is all part of developing the brand image and creating customer loyalty.
Packaging is central to the advertising strategy, as people's impression of a product can be solely based on packaging. As such, it is a central part of the marketing mix. This conveys a lot of the image of a band that a company wants to project.
Changes in the pace that a product is marketed are also part of how advertising affects marketing. New products, updated versions of a product and a variation will all have an effect on the way a customer views a product. If a new product comes out immediately it can be interpreted in a certain way or vice versa; if a product remains unchanged for years it can also have a certain influence on how a product is viewed.
There are a number of ways how advertising affects the marketing of a good, product or service.

Advertising is used as part of a marketing strategy in order to raise awareness and create interest in the brand or product you are trying to sell. While advertising is a single part of the Marketing mix it can be an important one and using the right techniques, not only in the production of the actual advert but also the placement of it is crucial.

Sometimes word of mouth may be even more important and this is a strategy that has been used for a while to create a buzz around products. This can be created by the product itself or the advertising message can be quirky enough to get people talking even if the product isn't so exciting. Association with other brands such as a TV show or sports event can also bring in a new audience but this advertising needs to fit in with the marketing strategy.

There have been many techniques and trends within advertising and different agencies will have their own new ideas to add to the mix. Fundamentally though, advertising will only be one part of a marketing strategy, which will also have to take in research, public relations exercises, distribution and supply chain as well as pricing and sales strategies to deal with retailers. You could see the advertising as the public face of the marketing strategy but there will be a lot going on behind the scenes as well.
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Advertising is very important factor of marketing. It gets the name or product out where the public will know about it so they can choose for themselves which is best. Sometimes Advertising is so good it convinces the customer that their product IS the best!
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There are four elements of promotion mix which include advertising, selling promotion, public relations and personal selling. Advertising is the main tool of promotion mix. Advertising is a paid promotion of ideas, goods, or services. This promotion is done through an identified sponsor. Advertising play a very important role in making the promotion mix really successful because their are various medias through which advertisement can be carried out like in-store displays,Web pages, banner ads, posters,  signs, motion pictures, Print ads, radio, television, and billboard. Some of the common personal advertising tools are direct mail, brochures and catalogs, and emails. Advertising makes the people aware of a product or service and it enhances buying in consumers. This shows that advertising can promote a product or service to a large audience and it enhances the sales volume of the company.

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Advertising is the key factor in marketing. Simply putting your product in the market will not make customers to buy it. You need to advertise your product to make familiar to the buyers. Advertising build trust in the people, they get familiarize with the prices and your product features. Without advertising , marketing is useless.
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The general roles for advertising are: Satisfying and informing the general consumers by addressing their needs through goods and services, generate sales and generating trends.

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Advertising is one of the parts of the Promotion Mix. It is a process through which a product or service is communicated to the potential customers. It has great influence on the sales and production of a company.

Advertising plays a very important role in the marketing process. It increases the consumption of a particular product or service. It reinforces the image of the brands and also brings in awareness about new product categories and new brands.

Since the media has gained importance all around the world, the role of advertising has also increased in the world.

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