Describe Different Advertisement Agencies And Also Explain The Role, Functions And Purposes Of Advertising Agencies.


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Different Types of Advertising Agencies

Full Service Agency
This agency provides all marketing communication services.
Creative Agency
This type of agency presents writing of ad copy & design service.
A Media Independent
Media agency offers buying space & time & related research.
A Composite Agency
The last type of agency suggests both creative and media services with research

Now I am explaining the role, functions and purposes of advertising agencies.

Acquire enhanced volumes of sales of products & services.
 Generate awareness about offerings.
 Induce trial of a new product & service.
 Motivate & impress trade channels.
 Change perception & create reassurance.
 Acquire enhanced volumes of sales of products & services.
 Generate awareness about offerings.
 Induce trial of a new product & service.
 Motivate & impress trade channels.
 Change perception & create reassurance.
 Acquire enhanced volumes of sales of products & services.
 Generate awareness about offerings.
 Induce trial of a new product & service.
 Motivate & impress trade channels.
 Change perception & create reassurance.

• Advice & counsel on marketing strategy.
• Advice & counsel on advertising and media strategy.
• Prepare & develop, print, outdoor, and electronic advertisement.
• Carry out collateral designs of various items such as display material & other display material.
• Help & counsel on sales promotion & other communication tasks.
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An advertising agency is also called an 'ad' agency. It is a service based business that is dedicated towards the creation, planning and effective handling advertising and any of the other forms of product or service promotions. These services are usually offered to the clients within the industry, though, sometimes, the service is also extended to clients offering affiliated services and products too. The ad agency is independent from the clients. It provides the viewers or customers with an 'outside' point of view to the effort of selling the products or services. The dedicated agency is also equipped to handle all the overall marketing and brand strategies and organise the necessary sales promotional campaigns for clients, when and as required.
Today, the typical ad agency clients include various small, medium and big businesses and corporates, a number of non-government organizations and even government agencies. The ad agencies may be hired to produce single ads or the more common and trendy, series of related ads, referred to as the advertising campaign. There is a lot of competition today in the number of dedicated goods and services offered within the various industries and the consumer market and the shelf life of the product or service is defined by the success achieved in sales, on account of successful advertising.
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For advertisements some one says,"change your idea into reality."
Advertisement is considered to be as source of promoting products through selected media outlets. Advertisement is the one way marketing communication where message receiver is not in position to respond immediately, but it is expecting in the coming years that advertising will become more interactive. Some times it happened that when the advertisements are view they does not stimulate immediate demand of the products advertised. The reason is due to the slow response of customers as they do not purchase product immediately.
There are some common functions of the advertising agencies according to division of their work.
Account management –these are involve in locating and negotiating to acquire clients and also handle decision making process. Creative team-team are formed which consists specialist in graphic designing, film and audio production, copy writing, computer programming and creative designing. Than researchers-who find the target market and overall situation understanding their customers a, suppliers and competitors. Than they have to select the type of media suitable for their advertisement.
Advertising plays a vital role in the economic growth. Many companies are relying on advertisements. Effective messages through advertisement increase the market for companies this will reduce the work for bulk of people going door to door for selling their products. Now days internet has become a great source of advertising bring buyers and sellers together at one platform to work. It allow single person to create an advertisement. People can promote their business themselves. Now in Pakistan as well an advertising association of Pakistan has formed which registering different agencies for their validation and providing facilities to expand this department to the international level. There are many advertising agencies working in Pakistan namely. Synergy Advertising (Pvt.) Ltd., JWT Pakistan, Manhattan Pakistan (Pvt.) Ltd.,
Interflow Communications (Pvt.) Ltd., Adcom, Evernew, Mindshare Pakistan, Spectrum communication,
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Advertising agencies are the specialized agencies who take their profit for making the advertisement for the different businesses. These advertising agencies have their offices in all around the world and their primary function is to create the advertisement whether it is played on the television of it may be published in the newspaper. The advertisement agency consists of creative directors, content writer, graphic designers and multimedia designers and the persons who are specialized in the field of advertising. These advertising agencies work for the different organizations. They not only deal in the big idea generation for the business but they also deal in the channel selection and other related tasks. So these agencies know the need of the companies who want to make advertisements for their products and services.

So these agencies work for different sectors of the industry. These agencies charge their fees which are according to the projects they carry. So in this way they generate revenues for themselves. So these agencies do different types of projects. The primary function of the advertisement agencies is to communicate the message about any product or service to the audience through using the proper communication channel. Basically the advertisement agency gives the idea into the visual shape that can persuade the audience.
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Colgate Tobacco Company, racket and Colman Company, etc are examples of advertisement companies. There are many others too but they are worldwide popular. Advertisement Company is a company which has to advertise the product of other companies in many ways. Its main role is to explore the plus points of a product and hide the minus points of it. These have their main function to work for the benefit of people. It is exploring the real or whatever picture of the products.
Its function is to work for the other companies. It is doing its work by the help of its proper method. It takes salary for this purpose. It is not working free of cost. It provides advertisement stuff to the required companies who are interested to advertise their products by their kind help. Its main purpose is to satisfy the customer that the product they wanted to advertise has been advertised at its level best. They must give surety that people will not ignore their product and will go for it.

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