What Is The Importance Of Advertising?


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So many companies rely on advertising these days to boost sales of their products or services, to build a connection with their audience and to create competition with their rival firms. It has been suggested that over $400 billion has been spent worldwide on advertising this year, and this spending supports thousands of companies and millions of jobs. Advertising is a marketing tool that is becoming impossible to avoid in everyday life and can range from subtle word of mouth strategies to full blow million dollar media campaigns. Advertising is crucial to a company's success and it is becoming more and more important to be backed by a creative and unique campaign.

The first and key factor of advertising is that it will draw an audience's attention to a product or service offered by a company. Potential customers are made aware of the product can benefit them and will give them a reason to invest in it. Advertising is also important to connect to current customers and remind them why they have chosen the right company. Current consumers can also be kept up to date with the latest products and services available to them.

Advertising gives companies and businesses the opportunity to build up a brand and an identity. A recent example of this having great success is with the Apple brand. The distinct adverts in both TV and print form are instantly recognisable as the company's own and give it an identity as a clean, modern and reputable brand. Advertisements need to relate to current trends and sell both a product individually as well as the company as a whole. If an advertisement succeeds at both it can help draw an audience to the product or service and build a relationship between the consumer and company. Establishing this connection should lead to a boost in sales for the business.

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Advertising is of great importance in our world of competition. It is important for both seller and buyer. Even the government cannot do without it. First, of all, advertising introduces new products to general public. For example, the public come to know about useful new medicines for some diseases. We often learn about new machines for agriculture and industry for ads.

Secondly, advertising introduces different brands of same product. Advertisement tells about qualities of each brand and we can easily select. For example there are three different brands of bicycle produced by same company.Thirdly, government can very profitably advertise its schemes and policies. It can tell general public what it might do for good of nation.

Fourthly, it is through advertisements that we come to know of new service jobs. Qualified people apply for them and get adjusted in life.Fifthly, advertisement is a dependable and effective means of expanding education and of bringing students to educational institutions. Schools , colleges and universities advertise their classes, courses, and fees and attract students for admission.

Advertising can also be harmful. When advertisement misstate qualities of their products, they misguide public. When manufacturers advertise harmful products like cigarettes, they da a disservice. Advertising is useful a\within proper limits. These limits Cleary laid down by religion, law and our traditions.
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It is big revenue. Worldwide spending on advertising exceeds (US) $400 billion. A lot of jobs are dependent on it too. It is just not the consumer end which needs it. There is another wing that goes hand in hand, without which there aren't chances for the industry to survive
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Advertising is one of the most important things present in or society today, like an old slogan puts it 'Advertising, your right to choose'.

Advertising helps to keep the consumers informed about whatever new products or services are available in the market at their disposal. It helps to spread awareness about products or services that are of some use to consumer and potential buyers.

The main aim of advertising, many believe is to sell. These are the kind of people who vehemently oppose anything that make advertising seem unethical. Advertising on the whole helps business as well as the economy to prosper and makes the consumer aware of the various choices that are available to him.
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Advertising plays a very important role for any business
Advertising is very important because there are literally thousands of companies manufacturing the same thing and what differentiates their products from each other are the brand names not the actual product.
Advertising creates competitive advantage by positioning the product in such a way that people want to buy it.
All this boils to down to the fact that when consumers have so much choice, why will they buy your product? Here advertising comes in to play that promotes the product in an way that people buy it.
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The good thing in advertising is that message is communicated to large number of viewers. Advertising helps to foster sales and enable the organizations to create a specific image in the minds of consumers. Advertising helps in increasing the customer base of the organizations. The interesting themes, scenarios, jingles and celebrity endorsements make the advertisements more attractive to the viewers. Advertisements increase the brand building process and increase the recognition of products to the customers. It helps advertising agencies and communication mediums such as television, radio, newspaper to make good amount of revenues from advertisements. Hence advertising is benefiting great number of people in many ways.
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Advertisements are an essential to the newspaper of today. Its finance depends on the advertisements. Without them, it would have either to raise its price to a certain level. But it can prove disastrous to its circulation because the people will move to some other newspaper. There is also a choice to reduce its size so drastically that again its sales or like many other papers, submit to being run at a heavy loss by some rich man for his own or other ends. Advertisement revenue is the safeguard of papers and it is something of a paradox that is from the advertiser that very occasionally a threat to its independence comes.

Cases in which an advertiser crudely threatens to withdraw his advertisements because his opinion differs from that of the journalist belonging to the newspaper. So some times the newspaper management has to compromise their principle stand in order to increase the circulation. However there are black sheep in every community and press is also a victim of corruption. There are many news agencies that attract the advertisers by creating sensationalism and by over emphasizing some sensational issue that is not in the larger interest of the nation. Therefore both the press and the advertisers should contribute positively in the society.
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The importance of advertising can be demonstrated like this: In a world where people are easily bored of what they have and want to move on to newer, better, bigger, faster things; advertising makes us appreciate what we have.

It makes us see old things in a new way, or new things in an exciting way.

The problem isn't with advertising. It's with production really... Advertising just makes people want the products.
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Advertising makes the world go round. Or, as Dr Bernard McGrane, department of sociology, Chapman University, stated,
"if all advertising ceased tomorrow, what would happen to our world economy? Everyone says, 'you can't do that; it would collapse'... That is a fantastic advertisement"
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Here is the some importance of advertising:
It helps clients evaluate products and services.
It allows businesses to keep active customers and win new ones.
And it educates people about important issues.

Advertising is an impersonal and unidirectional communication that flows from the advertiser to the consumer.

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