What Is The Concept Of Aperture In Advertising?


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A target market is a general manifestation of the set of consumers that a brand aims to target. However each consumer is different and has a distinct set of preferences and tastes that determine his / her individuality. Similarly amongst the target market, there would be many consumers who will have a high-involvement relationship with the brand along with consumers who share a low-involvement bond with the brand. In order for a brand to reach optimum profitability, a brand must reach those customers first who have a high-involvement relationship with the brand. Although attention would still be given to the customers with low-involvement relationships, however most of the concentration would be given to high-involvement customers. For that matter, there is an ideal time and an ideal way to reach those customers. That ideal time and way amalgamate to form an ideal point, which would be perfect. This ideal point is known as the aperture.
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Definition: The ideal moment for exposing consumers to advertising message
- Know consumer’s media preferences
- Understand their buying pattern
- Identify media consumption pattern
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The Aperture concept is an integral part of the strategy development
process called The ROI, being practiced in advanced versions by DDB
Needham Group.

Essentially, it focuses on: "Who, Where, At What
Time & under which circumstances" is most likely to respond to a
brand's promise.

Its a loaded question and needs to be resolved
along with the other segments of the strategy development like the 1.
Purpose. 2. Promise. The target etc. Each needs to endorse the
others..before the strtagey can be completed.. As it were the answers
were in the air.

Hope this is useful.

Dinesh Sibal

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