Can You Describe Internal And External Advertising And Explain The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using Internal Or External Advertising?


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External Advertising by the use of Editorials, Adverts, Conference presentation, branding, stationery, brochures, pamphlets will communicate to clients, investors, bankers, suppliers, competitors and potential clients who/what the business stands for and what it does.  It will create a perception.  I.e. Sew the seed of ' that you do things bett' and the external market will believe you are a business that does things better.   Internal Advertising will be how you communicate your brand values to your staff.  This will be achieved through, screen savers, mouse mats, staff magazine, posters, stationery, signage etc.  The imagery, slogans and wording you use will create a belief among the staff of who they are and what they represent. For example people who do things better.  They will believe the messages you deliver and start to behave as if its true.  This will in turn impact on the way they perform.  The advantages are that you can create a perception in any given market that will drive your core values, uplift performance and increase  turnover.  The disadvantages are that where markets cross over i.e. Investors and future clients, the same brand perception may not work for both  where investors wants a business that is traditional and non risk taking, whilst future clients want originality and innovation.  Having set a perception of your brand you need to be able to look like your are delivering it too.  If you fail in this your marketing messages become hypocritical.  This is why it is important how your market your brand to your staff as well.  Other disadvantages are clear, cost may outway benefits, slow to change from one perception to another and becoming old hat.  The advantages though are enormous namely around productivity and if the messages are right will drive business to you.

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