What Is Meant By Advertisement? Can You Explain The Main Objectives Of Advertisement?


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Advertisement is a form of communication which can make the consumers aware of a specific product or services available in the market. It is very important to create brand awareness, brand positioning and brand loyalty among potential customers. There are various medias through which these messages are promoted like television, radio, printed media (magazines, newspapers, billboards), and internet. Advertisement can be also in various forms like audio, video, textual or graphical.

Objectives of advertisements can be classified in to two broad categories. First category is direct action objectives like increase of sales volume. The second category is indirect action objectives like communication. There are further other aims which fall in these two categories like intensifying the usage of a product, and to sustain the preference of your brand. Moreover, it is also aimed to build attractiveness, to increase sales and for brand awareness as mentioned above.

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By definition Advertisement means the act of advertising. It is a notice like a poster, paid announcement in print or electronic media which is designed to attract public attention.

Advertisements are made to promote a company's product, increase sales and even boost its image in public.
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Advertising: Advertising is a technique of influencing the mind of public to buy the goods advertised some writers say it is a printed Salesmanship by which the goods are made popular. "Anyhow it is an effective and economical way of establishing contact with customers. It greatly helps to change economical way of establishing contact with customers. It greatly helps to change social attitudes in order to sell products never sold before. So it is a powerful art of persuading customers to ask for particulars goods. In fact advertising is to business what oil is to machinery.

Objectives: The following are the main purposes of advertising.
1. To provide information: Detail information is given to prospective buyers in respect of particular product or service through advertising.
2. To remind the public: Advertisement reminds the public about the existence of products in the market. It is continues process of persuading the prospective customers which the by results in purchase of goods.

3. To change social attitude: A temps are made to change the social attitudes by advertising in order to sell products never sold before. So it facilitates to create market attitude in the public.
4. To induce the public: It aims to induce the public to purchase advertised products as against competing products.

5. To convince customers for direct purchase: Mail order business may be made popular by advertising. Under this arrangement the buyers get goods through the post office. No personal contact is made between the buyers and sellers. So it convinces customers for direct purchase.
6. To encourage salesman: Salesman generally finds ready buyers at this business center which are convinced by advertising. So it assists the Salesman greatly and he has not to face any problem in realizing the goods.
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There are two main types of advertisements including Institutional advertising and Product advertising. Institutional advertising is the type of advertising in which the image of the company is promoted and not the product. In the product based advertising, the benefits of the products and the services are advertised. There are two types of Institutional advertising which includes enhance corporations' identity and advocacy advertising. On the other hand, product advertisements include Pioneering(aims to stimulate primary demands for the products and services), Competitive(It is used for emotional appeal of the product in the growth phase) and Comparative advertising(Compares two competing brands).  

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