Who Are The Major Players Of Advertising?


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In the process of advertising, there are specific players who deliver different functions, the entire combination of which constitutes the entire intricate mechanism of advertising. These five players are:

The advertising agency
The media
The vendor
The target audience

The advertiser is basically the company whose product or service is going to be promoted through the incorporation of advertising. In the eventual realm of affairs, the impact of the final advertisement is going to leverage him the most as its his brand whose future depends upon the nature of the advertising.

While the advertiser will get affected the most (positively or negatively), it's the advertising agency, which plays the greatest role in generating the impact of the advertisement. In other words, the advertising agency is verily responsible for the magnitude of effectiveness of the advertisement, the outcome of which will make or break the brand.

As for the media or the medium that will be chosen to deliver the advertisement, these different media that include electronic, print and interactive media, which constitute the channels of communication that will be employed to enhance the reach factor for the brand. The better and more compatible the media (channel of communication) is, the greater the outcomes of advertising.

Vendors are not directly related to any of the above-mentioned stakeholders. They have an indirect yet significant relationship with the advertising procedure. Consisting of players like freelancers, consultants and self-employed professionals, the vendors actually provide aegis to the advertiser in helping him and the advertising agency to achieve the optimum quality of advertising that will not only be substantial but would also exude adequate charm.

Last but definitely not the least, it is the target audience that requires the utmost mention. They are the final deciders, the ultimate stakeholders whose consent would be the eventual determinant in shaping the present and future of the advertised brand.
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