Can You Receive V.a. Disability Pay And Receive Unemployment At The Same Time In California?


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He's not asking about social security disability he's talking about military disability through the VA (Veterans Administration). I am wondering the same thing. I've been collecting unemployment insurance since I got discharged from active duty in the Marine Corps, but also applied for disability due to injuries incurred in Iraq, and I got notice that I have just been approved at 80% disability through the Veterans Administration, but I am still able to work and maintain employment according to the VA until I reach 100% disability! So like our original poster I too am wondering if a Veteran on VA disability is still allowed to collect unemployment?
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I was born in Virginia and lived there for about 30 years and I have never heard of the state having disability benefits. If you are talking about Disability Social Security that is Federal and the states do not have anything to do with it. To qualify for unemployment you have to be actively seeking work. If you draw SSI then any money you get from working will reduce your disability payment. If you are on SSA disability you can make all you want and collect benefits for nine month in the trial work period. After that you can make a little over $900 a month and still collect benefits for another 36 months in what is called the extended work period and after that you can never make anything without losing your benefits. If you are on retirement Social Security you can draw unemployment and not affect your benefits in some states. But I don't think there is anyway you can do it with Disability Social Security. To draw unemployment benefits you must be actively seeking work. If you move to California your benefits will be higher than in Virginia. So you will want to inform SS of your move.

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