Can I Collect Unemployment Insurance And My Pension At The Same Time In New York State?


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If you have retired and are not seeking employment, you are not eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.

However, if you are retired and are actively seeking work, you may be eligible for unemployment benefits under the same conditions as all other unemployed workers.

Your weekly benefit rate may be reduced, however, if:

You receive a pension from an employer for whom you worked in the 18 months before you filed your claim

that work made you eligible for or increased the amount of your pension

your employer contributes more than 50% toward your pension

The amount of the weekly benefit rate reduction is as follows:

If you did not contribute towards your pension, your benefit rate will be reduced by the weekly equivalent of your pension.
If you contributed less than 50% of the total value of your pension, the reduction is one-half the weekly equivalent of your pension.
If you contributed 50% or more or if you rolled your pension over to a qualifying IRA account, there is no pension reduction.
You must notify the Telephone Claims Center if you become eligible for a pension while you are receiving benefits. Failure to do so may result in you having to repay benefits you received. The Telephone Claims Center will make a determination of any reduction in your unemployment benefit amount.
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Can I collect unemployment benefits if I receive a pension from another company that I retired from ten years ago
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Here is my question a friend of mine works for the coubty of erie,he has been there 6 years hiws job may be gone by the end of the year,he is 55 years old in nov.under the county"s contract if he retired with a minimum of 5 years the he gets free lifetime healthg insurance.His new york state pension would be based on the 6 years he has in the system plus a 27 percewt penalty which woul make his pension about $500.00 per month,far below the $430 a week that he would be making for the 26weeks -th
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At the preset time I'm collecting social sec. Benefits and still working 6 hrs a  day ,  if they let me off, can I collect unemployment benefits ( Los angeles California )
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