Does Disability Pay More Than Unemployment?


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Given that this varies by state you could not be provided a definite answer to this question, as it really does depend. Of course you must ensure that you are being completely truthful and legal when it comes to getting your disability and unemployment benefits, as these are reserved only for the people that really need it. Claiming them fraudulently is putting other people at a disadvantage and is of course costing the taxpayer that money. So think things through before you make any silly decisions.

When an individual is not able to work, either disability benefits or unemployment benefits become the only form of income that they have, and they rely on that to carry on living until they can either find a job - or even until they pass away or have access to their pension fund. Applicants for these kinds of benefits need to meet the definition of a disabled person in order to be able to qualify for some federal disability benefits.

The same definition prevents the individual from collecting unemployment benefits at the same time, which is an interesting point. Many people wonder whether you can actually claim the two at the same time - but federal government ensures that no person is able to become eligible for both forms of benefits.

However, on occasion there are particular circumstances that near enough go against this rule. Sometimes it is possible for people with partial disabilities to be able to collect unemployment. It also occurs sometimes that an individual's disability improves, and that individual will then be able to collect unemployment.

For more information about this you need to get in touch with your local government to find out what their precise rules are in relation to federal benefits, both disability and unemployment.

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