Can You Collect Unemployment Benefits Even If You Receive Severance Pay In FL?


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The following is from the 2008 (i.e., covering 2009) Florida statutes, Title 31 (Labor),  Chapter 443 (Unemployment),  Section 036 ("Definitions"),  Paragraph 16 (refer to the link at the bottom of this answer):    "Earned income" (used to determine eligibility for
  and amount of unemployment compensation) means gross    remuneration derived from work, professional service,    or self-employment. The term includes commissions, bonuses (i.e., severance),    back pay awards, and the cash value of all remuneration    paid in a medium other than cash . . .  This is true in most US states, as well.  In other words, severance pay is considered no differently than  normal pay as regards "earned income". Since severance pay is usually paid immediately upon or  shortly after being terminated or retiring, your claim and/or benefits would  not be permitted until the week or so after your final regular pay and/or  severance check have been paid (i.e., you may file at any time, but you won't receive  a check until after your final check has been paid and/or officially recorded on your W2, so that the unemployment office may verify it).  You must report all sources of income, except those not considered such by your State (i.e., for the most part, this includes welfare, social security benefits, certain pensions, etc); failure to report such is considered a felony in most US states.    REFERENCE:
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I did a few hitches in the Navy and was then discharged with a big severance pay. When I returned to America, I hopped my little a$$ on down to the unemployment office and WALLA A A A A got me a check going for 16 weeks.....then went to college and WALLLLLALALAL got that VA benefit.....but of course, it wasn't enough money so then I tripped on down to the college financial aid office and got myself a grant....Walalalal college was hard and still not enough myself a work study job for Senator Fulbright and quickly I learned how to value my conservative views. Finished college and hauled it on down the road and that's not the end .....still never had enough money for college....just got another job in a chicken factory and learned, I sure didn't want to be THERE all of my all of that crap has PAID off....thank God!!

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