How Will You Explain Advertisement In Modern Society?


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The use of premiums, samples, and free goods, and various activities, and regards these actions as constituting sales promotional effort rather than advertising proper. Sales promotion commonly includes such functions as the training of direct mail pieces for distributors and dealers, point of purchase display materials, promotional aids, and sales portfolios for sales clerks. We advertise to acquaint a selected body of people without business story to sell our products, ideas and or services, our background and our prestige.

The manner of advertising, of course, differs from organization to organization, from topic to topic and from product to product. Advertising must be tailor-made to be fully effective. The fear of producing goods, largely for an industrial market with a limited domestic appeal, would not wish to go on board on a big campaign aimed to attract the attention of the country's housewives; neither would they embark on prestige advertising on a national scale.

There is no set formula for success in advertising. Advertising is, in fact, the real meaning of uniqueness, although its appeal is directed to the masses, very often through repetition.
As we are examining the purpose and function of advertising, it might be helpful if we followed the advertising policy of a group of companies, which sell a wide range of packaged goods to grocers and chemists, and hundreds of bulk products to the industries.

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