Explain The Benefits Of Advertising?


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1. For years, businesses have used advertising in the hope of generating an increase in product sales. Advertising allows businesses to reach a large number of potential buyers at one time, and can be especially effective when targeted to people that have a need for the product. Advertising can not only explain the features and benefits of a product, but also provide information that helps consumers make an informed buying decision.
Product Introduction
2. If your company has developed a product that you feel is better than anything currently on the market, advertising allows you to let the world know about. Use advertising to demonstrate the features and benefits that sets it apart from the pack as well as to introduce any special promotions or pricing.
Brand Reinforcement
3. Advertising a product also helps you reinforce your brand's name and image to the public, which can be part of a long-term marketing strategy. For example, when Coca-Cola produces an ad for Diet Coke, it is not only touting the benefits of that product but is also keeping the Coca-Cola brand in the minds of consumers, which can also help the sales of its other products.
Clearing Misconceptions
4. A product may have a negative image in the eyes of consumers due the lack of information or knowledge. Advertising allows a company to further explain the the features and benefits, which can help clear up any misconceptions. This technique is also beneficial when a product contained a defect that the company has corrected.
Product Improvement
5. Advertising can also be used to introduce improvements to existing products. For food products, advertising can explain how changes to the recipe have improved the flavor. Car dealers can introduce upgrades to models from the previous year. Makers of household cleaners can demonstrate how stronger chemicals makes the product more effective.
Increased Sales
6. Ultimately, things like improving brand recognition and making people aware of new products should lead to increased product sales. To gauge the actual benefits of your product advertising, you need to weigh the cost of your advertising against the dollars it brings in.
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Advertisements is very important part of marketing along with Product, Price and Place. It is a very popular of introducing something and creating awareness about anything.
Advertisements help organizations in creating Brand recognition. Advertisements are also used in achieving Brand Loyalty and effectively targeting customers of required market. Advertisements also helps in raising Goodwill and gaining competitive advantage over rivals.
Through advertisements, organizations can communicate to their customers easily and inform them of new products and services.
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I think advertise ment more benificial for compony because company show our product many featurs in the market and whose more attractive so whan we saw this type addvertisement we hope take this item but and try it if its result is than we prafered this item and if its result negative than we naglact this item but many addvertise ment are very attractive example like a lux in shop add show that in this make by milk almond  like that item but it is wrong because its make by camicals. Yes it is true some comany are very good their item sellin thier brand name. Company  spand too much money in add and they add this cost in item so we
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Advertising is all about telling people what you do - but to succeed in advertising you must provide compelling reasons for your audience to do something; it could be to remember your brand name or more specifically purchase your good or service; this "reason to buy" coupled with a good "call to action" are the two essential ingredients for successful advertising.

Too much advertising is just a waste of (the client's) money, producing a shrug of the shoulders and a "so what?" reaction from prospective customers.

Good advertising brings more customers or encourages existing customers to spend more with you; everything you, your company's employees and your company's goods or services represent is advertising; how many customer services departments forget that!
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Benefits of advertising
It has been universally accepted that advertising is an important tool of marketing of the products. The expenditure on advertising is regarded as a profitable investment. The main benefits claimed of advertising are as follows:-

1- 3 R's of advertising
These are retaining the loyal customer, reducing lost customers and recruiting new customers.
2- reduction in per unit cost
Advertising enables a businessman to increase the sales of the product.
3- increase in employment
Advertising increases the sales volume of goods and provides employment to a large number of workers.
4- change in the living habits
An effective advertisement brings about a rapid change in the habits and attitudes of people.
5- elimination of middleman
Advertising awakens interest and provides utility of goods far and wide in the country.
6- acceptance of new products

It introduces new products to the customers.
7- virtues of thrift
It has a great educative value. It teaches the people the benefits of thrift and their responsibility to their dependents.
8- institutional management
Advertising helps in building up a favourable image of the country.
Some other benefits are:
Sales of entire line of product
Increasing the sales of entire industry
Advantages to consumers
Encourages competition
Social benefits
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Advantages of Advertisement

Calculate ROI

Reach to the potential customer

Lead Generation

Brand Awareness

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I think advertising is very helpful for us becouse they tell me what about that
advertising is differnt as newspaper, magzine
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Advertisement produces money by getting the audience's attention to the different products. Programs on the television cannot be programmed since it would take heaps of money but advertisement can pay for this by showing their add to the audience and pay money for the

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