How Will You Define The Modern Office Of Business?


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Office is an important section of a business. The term business implies office work. The dictionary meaning of office is "a place for the deal of business, the room or department, where the office work is done", or we can say "a place where business is carried on", or it is "a place where all sorts of activities of organization are dealt with". Office is the centre of an organization. Commercial Office acts as a central directing and coordinating agency of the different actions of any business.

In modern age, the 'office' is used in a broader sense. An office is to a business what the mainspring is to a watch. An organization cannot be carried on without an office, as a watch without the mainspring is ineffective. In the present times, the modern office organization has so much importance as the brain in a human body. Therefore a commercial office can be called "clearinghouse of all essential business information".

An office is a place where business is transacted or professional services are available. An office is the place where the control mechanisms for an enterprise arc located, where records are initiated for communication, control and efficient operation of the enterprise.

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