Define Advertising And Also Explain The Six Segments Of Advertising.


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DEFINITION OF ADVERTISING      Now a days, Advertising has assumed important role in this very fast developing and competitive world. In order to understand it first we have to know what it means or in other words to know its definition. But before we define we must know i.e. Six segments of the definition of advertising:      Six Segments:    1. It is paid form of communication.  2. The Sponsor is identified.  3. Most advertising tries to persuade or influence consumer to do. Something though in some cases it is merely to make consumers aware of product or company.  4. Message is conveyed through different types of media.  5. Advertising makes message reach large audience of potential consumers.  6. Advertising is a form of mass communication therefore it is non- personal.      Based on the above the most accepted standard definition universally accepted is as described by Bovee in 1992. It said: "Advertising is the non - personal communication of information usually persuasive in nature about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media"      Let me now try to DISECT & EXPLAIN key terms PERSONAL and NON – PERSONAL used in the definition of advertising.    There are two basic ways to sell    Personally & Non-Personally    1. Personal selling – Where seller & buyer has to be together.    2. Non – Personal - Seller is approached through a medium i.e. Advertising.
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It is massage convey from various media to informing & influence the customers.

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