How Advertising Affects People And Society?


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Advertising can mould a way a person or group of people lead their lives. This is most evident in the consumer driven markets of many western countries.

The huge rise of products from Apple, such as the iPad and iPhone, owes a lot to the successful advertising and marketing team. They have made the products seem absolutely essential for anyone who wants to look cool and own the latest and greatest technology. Some could well argue if these products had not had any advertising or exposure then the sales would be dramatically lower if people just had to judge for themselves if they needed the product.

Advertising has played a huge part in history. What is usually called propaganda in previous wars can also be classed as a form of advertising. During Adolf Hitler's rein in Germany, the Nazi propaganda was one of their most influential tools to gain complete control. This propaganda came in the form of small advertising films being shown in the cinemas before the main film that showed the Nazis in a shining light. With no contradicting views allowed this message was repeatedly fed to the German population. The 'brain-washing' type strategy can certainly be linked with the affect advertising can have on society and even the state of the world.

Billions is spent on advertising each year and so if it was not so affective this wouldn't be the case. A repeated message and selling of an image is even more crucial than the product itself and it seems always will be.
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Advertising can have adverse effects on the minds of the people who see it. In an advertisement the company is showing only the advantages of its products or services. This entails a certain amount of dissatisfaction and unhappiness in the lives of the viewers, because their self-esteem faces an attack as they are unable to use the product and do not manage to look like the slim model on the advertisement.

Children and adolescents especially get deeply affected by the advertisements, and it is important for parents and other adults to take cognizance of such situations.

The main objective of advertising is to convince the consumer to behave in a certain manner which is most favorable for the advertiser. It may influence the consumer in different ways, because the advertiser spends an enormous amount of money to sell his product in the most creative and persuasive manner. While a commercial firm will sell his products and services, a politician will sell his ideas to win voters. Through advertising non-profit organizations can raise funds, gain volunteers and the government can spread awareness about environment, discipline, health issues and new laws through advertising campaigns. Each form of advertising can have an effect on the viewers, and that is how the advertiser plans his line of advertising.
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With the changing passage of time there is a big change coming in the form of advertisement as well. Now a days advertisements is getting an important role in our society as it's been into every walk of life so body can ignore the importance of that field and in addition methods applied in it are so attractive that nobody can get away from it. So it's a good way which is helping in the developing technology and changing the lifestyle and mind of people as well.
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First of all it allows the consumer to know what exactly each company has to offer, what in fact the company is all about ,  and it allows companies to keep their customers and potential customers up to date on what they have to offer . 
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Advertising is so important because:

  1. It makes a product known to its intended market.
  2. It gives a product its existence.
  3. Advertising also adds value. It makes a product appear worthy of the money you'll spend.
  4. It sets a particular commodity apart from direct competitors. 

There are many forms of advertising. It can be a  TV commercial, a newspaper advertisement, flyers and posters from online or celebrity endorsements.

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