Is Advertising Beneficial Or Harmful?


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I would think of it as more harmful, because look at the effects it has on children and young adults. Models who are being advertised are causing girls to want to look a certain way and turn to anorexia and bulimia along with low self esteem.
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Advertising is very harmful. Think about the many times it has deceived people by talking about the good points of a mediocre product, and not anything negative. When it comes round to buying people see they have wasted their money.
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I would think this is easy to answer as being beneficial.  If you have a business or an item to sell, it makes sense to advertise it and get as many people interested in what you're providing or selling, as possible.  Word of mouth is good, as long as there are enough people to do it, but adverstising will bring a greater amount of interest from different areas.
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Advertising is beneficial to society because it is the fastest way to get a point across, and you don't have to travel far to see an ad. Ads make people want to buy products...this is called consumerism.
However, there is a negative side to advertising/media. Magazines and commercials give children and adults a false image of what we should look like-- anorexic and beautiful. Part of the reason we have many cases of anorexia is due to the fact that models that have been airbrushed have been posted on magazines and billboards. Another negative case of advertising are cigarette ads. Teens see ads for smoking on magazines and are jealous of the carefree way the models smoke and attract the opposite sex's attention so easily. So, of course they are going to try it and become addicted. The same goes for sex and alcohol.
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Advertising can help people become aware of the things that they are not currently aware of. Whether that be about something to do with one's economy, one's government, or even something more simple like goods and services that an individual might need or want. When a person becomes aware of the issue/product then they that information will have a huge impact on what they do and how they do it.
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I think that there are 2 sides of advertising. Beneficial and non-beneficial. Well, first of all it is beneficial in the way that you can put points across easily for the whole nation/world to see which can help raise awareness, for example.
However as many have said here, it isn't beneficial as the advertising media had given a wrong impression that women and men (including children) have on themselves, something or someone else. I 'm a teenager girl and I know how largely impacted this advertising is on me.
But remember that  advertising is beneficial in some ways :)
I hope this helps.
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It is very harmful because the world wouldn't be as messed up as it is. Every teen wants to wear the latest wear. How would you know its the latest wear unless thy advertise it.
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Advertising is beneficial to society. It is because it makes our favourite pastimes, television, radios etc. Possible. With out advertising, we wouldn't have our favourite t.v shows on. Without advertisements, we wouldn't have radios to listen to. Advertising is very beneficial to society because it also decreases true costs of some things such as newspapers. Without it, newspapers would be very expensive and most people wouldn't buy it.   

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In a consumer economy (such as the US) advertising is essential. It makes people aware of products and influences them to spend money. Without advertising our economy would collapse, and all that extra money we would have saved from not buying "unnecessary" products would be spent on increased taxes.
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Advertising is a kind of communication which is used to persuade a potential customer to buy or consumer a particular product or service brand. Advertising campaigns are designed to generate increased consumption by reinforcing brand image and brand loyalty.

Advertising is extremely beneficial for the companies that are involved in selling of products and services. First of all it creates awareness of a particular brand in the consumers. When people see an appealing advertisement, they tend to get information about that product and often end up buying that product. On the other hand, advertising is also useful for creating brand loyalty among consumers. It reinforces the image of the brand in the minds of the consumer and they buy it whenever they are in need of that particular brand. There are certain brands that actually target the needs of the customer. And the customer follows the ad and buys that product even if he/she is a non user.

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