What Is The Concept Of Unemployment In Macroeconomics?


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price stability
Balance of payment equilibrium
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In macroeconomics, unemployment is the unwanted job loss of the individuals who are willing to do work. The major idea is that unemployment is the loss of job of people even if they want to do the job. There are various causes of unemployment like decreasing growth of businesses, recession in the economy and increasing population etc. The rate of Unemployment in an economy should not be high but it should not be zero percent because some kinds of unemployment like frictional unemployment can be important.
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Macroeconomics is the study of the performance, structure and behavior of the national economy. The main objectives of Macroeconomics is to maximize the level of national income and providing suitable economic growth that will raise the level of living of the participants of the economy. The policy mix would vary from economy to economy. But a mix of appropriate Fiscal and Monetary policies help in achieving the objectives of Macroeconomic policies. For more details see the link below:

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