What Are The Four P's Of Marketing?


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Marketing is brain of the sales body. You need to plan to make right sales or to increase sales. For this purpose marketing has some rules and definitions. One of the basics is the 4 P's Philosophy. The 4 P's are;

1: Product. Prepare the right product. The product should be the demand of people.
2: Price. The product has a target market and that market certainly lies with in some specific income group. Therefore, the price must be in accordance to their income group and not beyond that.
3: Promotion. It means the support or advertisements which shall be used to introduce the product.
4: Placement. This means to derive the ways that how shall it be distributor. How shall it be made available to other cities or countries? How shall it be placed on the counters of a shop or the sales outlet?

Any product goes through the above mentioned phase and to make it remember it is named as the 4 P's theory.

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Place , Promotion , People , Price
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As what I understood during my
school days, the four Ps of marketing
are: Product, price, place, and promotion.

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