How Does Nike Use The 4 P's Of Business?


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Nike is a successful brand in the world and it is because of the good marketing strategy of the company. I am giving the details of the 4Ps of business of Nike. Products of Nike include shoes, apparels, sports apparels like for basketball, running, tennis etc. The products of Nike are very popular in youth because Nike supply Urban fashion clothing products. Second P of marketing is Price and Nike is charging high prices or premium prices for it's product because of brand and the quality of the products which it offers. Nike is using Promotional tool of marketing very effectively and it's logo is very distinctive, it's slogan is very simple and highly recognized. It is promoting the products through celebrities, professional teams etc. Nike is a brand which is recognized all over the world and there are 25000 retailers of Nike in US. Nike products are supplied in 160 countries of the world. This means that the fourth P of marketing, Place is also strategically used by the Nike brand.

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