What's An Example Of A Marketing Mix And The Organizations Impact?


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Marketing Mix of Subway
Subway is a multinational restaurant franchise that mainly sells sandwiches and salads. It is the modern version of fast food restaurant in which each sandwich is made in front of the customer according to his or her taste. It basically is a consumer driven product.
The prices of all of the items offered by Subway seem to be very reasonable and in accordance with the target market segments. Pricing of Subway is 'Strength' for Subway and in most of the markets it has penetrating pricing strategy.
Most of the Subway outlets around the world are in commercial areas. The part of the area being crowded most of the time can be an advantage for Subway. People roaming around for the purpose of shopping can actually be expected to step in and make a purchase at Subway. It may be a possibility that the presence of the shopping area add to the sales of Subway.
Considering the promotional activities being carried out by Subway, it is quite obvious that right now subway is not taking any kind of initiatives to promote itself. There are no advertisements on television, in the form of print ads or on radio, as opposed to some of its competitors like McDonalds and KFC.
Marketing Mix of Subway can really affect the company because the four Ps of marketing mix produce attractiveness for the customers.
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