What Will A Professional Marketing Plan Contain?


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kim kim sanders answered
A marketing plan would be considered professional if it contains a list of your goals, methods to use, and timetable.
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Stuti Ahuja answered
A professional market plan must be divided in parts. Each part should focus on different areas of the product including the analysis of the four P's of marketing which are place, price, product and promotion. One should keep in mind that a marketing plan a report which is of very high importance to the product as the organisations, inside and outside, will evaluate it. An ideal market plan for a product should be a 360 degree market plan which consists of six parts. The first part: should be the mission and purpose of the product.

The second part: analysis of the situation (place) - market research, distribution, competitors, finance etc. The third part is marketing strategies and objective- Marketing and Financial objective of the product. The fourth step is critical as it talks about the main programs like promotion, pricing, distribution and others. The fifth part is to do with budgeting. And finally, the sixth part should be the addressing of any additional concerns that you have.

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