What Are 4ps Of Pepsi Marketing?


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The 4 Ps of Pepsi Marketing could really be considered the four Ps of any type of marketing. These elements are product, promotion, place, and price. The first element is vital - a product (in Pepsi's case, a popular soda drink with cola flavoring) must appeal to the marketplace and deliver taste to consumers.

  • The second element

The second element, promotion, includes the marketing and advertising of a product. In the case of Pepsi, marketing is international and takes place in every form of mass media - including television ads, print ads, and online marketing.

  • The third element

The third element, place, is about distribution of soda drinks. Drinks may be sold in mass chain stores, such as Wal-Mart, and in an array of other retail stores, such as drug stores, grocery stores, and corner stores or bodegas. Distribution is the key to getting the product in front of consumers, so place is a very important part of the overall sales equation.

  • The fourth element

The fourth element, price, is all about offering a product for an appealing price - one that still allows Pepsico to make a tidy profit from the sale of their drinks.

Marketing students may study Pepsico's four Ps, in order to analyze just what makes a brand powerful in today's economy and marketplace.

For decades, Pepsi has been known as a big-time player in the soda industry; it's also known for its long-time rivalry with Coca-Cola. Both companies are huge multinational conglomerates, who supply drinks to customers all over the globe.

Following the four Ps for any product launch can lead to a fuller, more complete approach to bringing a product to market. Following successful marketing and merchandising approaches is an excellent way to succeed in the world of big business, because these winning companies have already done the work for you.

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