How Do You Feel About The Proposed Legislation Forcing All Americans To Purchase Health Insurance Or Receive Fines Of Over $1,000?


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This has got to be the most a$$inine thing I have heard yet, other than taxing the smokers yet again, and trying to make vets pay for their own insurance as well.
If they are thinking that they can make a family afford this, then the better increase the amount of that there stimulus check significantly, and..... Make it a monthly thing, because there is absolutely no way that every American can do that.
People on state assistance and unemployment can't make ends meet as it is, and there are many on unemployment that are already being garnished for child support. This is a fine thing to try to put on the people of this country, who are already suffering greatly because of the government. I also mean that they aren't helping to lower costs for insurance on cars, what makes ya think that they will lower the costs of insurance for medical reasons. Oooooh, just struck a nerve here.
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martha answered
I am so out of the loop and I have not heard of this. I already have insurance, such as it is, but I know so many do not. And if the cost keeps going up, I may have to cancel.
Will the government help pay for this insurance - probably not! We are headed for trouble, for a socialist government. What have we gotten ourselves into? The Bible predicts all this in the End TImes and WE ARE THERE!
Pray for America!
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Lisa Kinzey
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Yes ma'am, I know. I've been watchin' it come like a freight train out of control in so many ways. Just to update you, the Senate announced that this legislation would require everyone to have health insurance or face fines of over $1000. What they didn't say was if there's an income cut-off and if the fines were monthly, yearly, etc. My husband says that it'll never pass. They said that about a lot of things Obama has clearly been unconstitutionally permitted to do.
Lisa Kinzey
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Some ask, is he the anti-Christ? No, but he's definitely paving the road blacker for that one to take over.
martha commented
I agree, the road is paved for the anti christ to take over. It is scary to think that millions and millions of people will fall for his deceit, much to their demise.
I did hear on Fox news network about all these "czars" prez. BO (peeyew!) is coming up with and one is a czar of health care/insurance. Here we go wit the whole socialist goverment thing. He is icky!
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It likes a huge forced burden on the our budget and savings!

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