I'm In NC And I Received My Benefits For 26 Weeks I Also Received A 26 Week Extension. Am I Still Eligible For Another One?


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This is what I do know. If you exhausted your regular 26 weeks that was paid by your state. EUC in NC is 33 weeks more- not 26 weeks more (of course this depends on your claim if entitle to it). Plus in the state of NC if you exhaust all of your 33 weeks (or whatever you were entitle to) your eligible up to 20 weeks more in the EB program benefits. Below is a break down for NC:

Regular state benefits- up to 26 weeks
EUC08- up to 13 weeks
EUC08-tier1- up to 7 weeks
EUC08-tier2-up to 13 weeks
EB program benefits- (after you exhausted all EUC benefits) up to 20 weeks.
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By my count, that totals 59 to 79 weeks of UI benefits, including all extensions. Is that possible?

Unless eligibility for up to 20 weeks of EB is challenged, UI benefits of 26 weeks, plus 20 weeks of EUC08 Tier 1, and 13 weeks of EUC08 Tier 2 will total 79 weeks in North Carolina.

Is anyone actually receiving unemployment benefits in weeks 60, 70, 79?

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