When Am I Eligible For Unemployment Benefit?


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My job is moving out of the area. What  If I do not move with the company can I draw unemployment.
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There are certain criteria that define that a person is eligible for the benefits that are provided by the government and insurance companies in the country of the United Kingdom.

The eligibilities that are defined by the legislation include loss of work or some valid reasons to quit the job. There are some other reasons also that include non availability of work and work that is not suitable. To get the benefits you should also co-operate with the Public Employment Service and should not decline to attend interview for your job.

If you fulfill the abovementioned criteria, it is expected that you will be falling under the category of unemployed and eligible to avail all the benefits that are required to be granted to those people.

The eligibilities criteria vary from country to country and I have written about the United Kingdom. If you are in any other country you can contact the authorities in your country to know about the eligibility.
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When will I know if my unemployment is granted? And how long does this take? I was never giving a reason why I was let go from my job that I really loved.

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