I'm Already Receiving Unemployment Benefits In Florida And Am Moving To Georgia..Do I Have To Apply In Georgia For My Benefits Or Can I Just Have Them Transferred From Florida To Georgia?


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Unemployment benefits can be transferred between states but it is good to file your claim in the new state as payments vary from state to state. Call your state unemployment office for more details.

Be sure if you are moving temporarily for job or permanently.
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Your unemployment is based on your previous earnings (52 weeks). Therefore, your pay will remain the same until the end of your current claim. Notify Florida of your change of address and if you have a new phone number. Continue filing your unemployment claims per Florida instructions.

There is no need to notify Georgia, as you do not have any past earnings in that state, and your open claim in Florida is still valid.

Best Wishes on finding a new job!
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Thank you both VERY much....you answered my question completely. I couldn't find this answer anywhere I looked....Thanks again
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All I know is georgia sucks, don't move here I'm telling you, you'll go through a Big hassle trying to transfer your benefits here. Everything in life is a process but this is suicide believe me.This was my first year file-ing for unemployment and its been a bitch in a half still waiting on my judgement letter. Good luck and if you come here you'll see what I mean!

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