What Are The Three Schools Of Thought Regarding The Prospect Of Advertising In Another Country?


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For the world of today, globalization has become a familiar marvel. In its initial phases, it was a wonder that was viewed with awe and perceived with ponderous glee. Nevertheless in the passage of the following years, globalization also accentuated some drawbacks of its own that faded its intial glory nevertheless the popularity of globalization never decreased.

In relation to globalization was the practice of doing advertising in another country. An argument between two corporate intellectuals led to the formulation of three schools of thought that are related to the practice of doing advertising in another country. The first school of thought circles around standardization that supports a homogenous approach for doing advertising all over the world or in another country/ countries.

As for the second approach, it is the opposite of the first school of thought and advocates a niche strategy for every specific market that caters to the norms and needs of the target market of that specific niche. The last school of thought is the contingency school of thought, which is by far the most effective and the most widely applied approach. It is a combination of both the previous approaches and concentrates on both of their positive points to generate a more universal brand appeal.

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