How Can I Verify That A Checking Account Number On A Check Is Valid And An Open Account?


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There are several options for ensuring that a check you’ve been given is valid. The easiest is to call the issuing bank. All banks will have a 1-800 number or local number that you call.

When you get on the phone with support, you’ll let them know that you are a merchant and have in your possession a check. They will then ask you to confirm details of the check including the checking account number, the name on the check and possibly the routing number. They will then let you know if it is valid, open and has sufficient funds or not.

There are many fraudulent checks that replace the number on the front of the check for the bank with a false one. So then, when you call, you are given the okay because you’re not actually talking to the real bank. There are a few ways around this. You can call a company called Check Lookup at 1-900 868-2995. They will charge you $5 but you can deduct this as a business expense and learn if you’ve got a valid check in your possession immediately. Another option is visiting the bank with the check. If it is an out of state check, then you can go online and find out the customer support number from the bank directly from the bank’s website.

There are a variety of reasons in which you’d need to know if a checking account number is valid and open. You may be a merchant and have just been given a check for product or you could be an individual who has been given money for services or as a loan payback. Whether you know the person who is giving you the check or not, it’s worth a few minutes to investigate to see if the check is legit.
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You call what ever bank it is on the check and let them know you had received a check and you want to verify funds on this check you have then give them the number and amount
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You know, I do in fact take advantage of that opportunity whenever the intended sale is during working hours. But, so many times they will stop by our place of business on the weekends and even late at night. It is during these times, when there is no one at the bank, that I am in a dilemma over. Any further ideas??
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How can we verify the availability of the funds of our customer if the bank that we are calling does not want to?
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TRS corp sent me a check for $4325.37 the bank is the bank of new york DELAWARE how do I verify the check is real.

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I am with Roswell Police in Ga. We have a H/M in custody with over $250,000 in cash and 4 account numbers with no bank name. Each acct shows over $25,000 in each acct. How can I identify the proper bank in order to freeze the acct. Until we can check into it further on monday?
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Just called chase to verify acount and amount of the check.
Since I am not their customer I was Refused to be told whether there are enough money on account...
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Now I know that there are some banks who still have an 800 number, but they are few and far between anymore.  Hasn't someone put together a web site for this information yet?  It really seems like a no-brainer.  I, for one, would be happy to pay a monthly fee for this service.  Hey, wait a minute. . . . . .  Maybe I just changed businesses...  Hmmm..,,, say 20 bucks a month for what, like a thousand clients to begin with.  In no time at all, I'm going to be livin' the high life.  Thanks everyone.
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Tuffdiddy did not answer the question: Is there on a 800 number or a web site to verify valid account and sufficient funds if bank phone number is not on check?

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