My account number is 188201002400678, how can I check my balance?


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There are several ways to check your bank
account balance, although the details may differ between banks and between
different countries. The following details are for the UK, but should be much the same in other countries as well.

The most common way
of learning your bank account balance is for the bank to let you know in the
form of a bank statement, which will show all the money entering and leaving
your account over a set period of time, and the overall balance left in your
account at the end of this time. 

Banks used to issue statements once a month,
but many have switched to once every three or four months to save paper, and
because there are now other, faster methods of checking your bank account

You Will Need Identification for
These Methods

You can go to the bank in person, or
use one of its ATMs (or cash machines). To do either, you will need your bank
card. If you use an ATM, then it will ask you for a PIN (Personal
Identification Number), usually a four figure number. You will then be offered
several different services, including the option of checking your bank balance. 

If you prefer to go inside the bank and deal with a person, then they will also
need your bank card or account details to be able to help you. Remember, your
bank account number is not the same as your bank card number (the number you
give in your question looks more like a bank card number).

Another option is to telephone the
bank's customer services department. The number should be present on any recent
letters the bank has sent you, or can be found in a phone directory, or online
using Google. 

If you choose this method, you will be asked a number of
questions for security reasons, including your bank account number, your full
name and date of birth, and so on. This process can be time-consuming, so most
people prefer to go online and use their bank's website, or by using their
bank's app on their mobile phone.

To use the bank's website to check your
account's balance, you will need to have registered first. If you haven't
registered, the website itself will guide you through the process. Remember,
you will be given a special password to let you use the website in future, so
note it down and keep it in a safe place. 

Once this is done, you will be able
to check your bank account balance whenever you wish, and is just a matter of
entering a few details, such as your password. It's easier than you probably
imagine. If you're still not sure, your branch should be happy to help. In the
meantime, here's a short film showing the basics of online banking:

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