How Do You Find The Routing Number For A Savings Account?


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The routing number for a savings account can be found on the bottom of a check from the same account. The routing number is the first set of numbers found on the bottom left hand side when looking at the check straight on. This number should be nine digits long.

The check and account numbers are also located along the bottom of the check and can be easily mixed up. If you are still unsure as to which of the sets of numbers is the bank routing number, look for the special characters. These are characters made up of different shapes. The router number will be found between these characters on the left hand side.

If you do not have a check to hand, or are having trouble locating the number, simply call the bank branch you originally opened the account in. You need to ask for the routing number of this particular bank as it is this number that is applied to your bank account when first opening the account. If you give a router number of another branch within the same banking group, your direct payment may not go through as it is not connected to the correct router number and therefore cannot be connected to your account.

A routing number may also be referred to by other names including routing transit number, ABA, bank routing number and RTN. The nine digit number is used to facilitate the electronic routing or ACH transfer of money from one bank account to another. It may be used when setting up a direct debit to pay a bill for example.

Other numbers on a check include the check number which is unique to each individual check and the customer’s account number.

A routing number is also quite similar to the ‘sort code’ number used by banks in the United Kingdom.
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If you have a checking account at the same bank, the routing number for that checking account is the same for the savings account.
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Need to know the same thing but if you got a savings and deposit transaction book with your savings account.. You  know the book that comes with your savings account that has the deposit and withdrawal slips in it.... At the bottom of  those slips theres numbers just like at the bottom of your checks.. And I'm thinking thats thre routing number for your savings account not sure but it does say ' do not use deposit ticket routing #  for automatic payments. Use voided checks' right on top of those numbers on my deposit slips .. So I'm thinking that's probably it.. Need to know for sure that because I don't want't give paypal any ol number  if it's not a routing number str8 to my savings account
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How can I find what bank a person has if I have the routing number and the account number
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If you can't find it on the check, then you can call them and they will gladly tell you what it is. Hope this helps.
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Call your bank and ask for the information. If you have a checking account, the routing numbers are located on the lower left hand corner of the check.
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First enroll for the online banking.Than you search for the routing number somewhere by your account #...
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Go into the bank or call and speak to someone in customer service. They would be happy to assist you with the routing number. Hope this helps......
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It is quite easy to find the Routing number for your savings account. For checking your routing number takes your bank Check. At the bottom of your check you will find some numbers. The first nine numbers are your routing number.

However if you seek to know the Routing numbers for a business check then at the bottom of your business check the second set of nine digit numbers are your routing numbers of your bank. This is common for all the banks everywhere in the world.

A Routing number is an identification n number assigned to each financial institution. This system was first started in America and hence it is called the ABA number which is short for American Bankers Number.
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Call your bank they will give you the routing number for your savings account over the phone. the other person told you how to find the routing number on your checking account it may or may not be the same.
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I have a saving account with bank of america in florida I need the routing number can you help
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A routing transit number or an ABA number refers to a nine-digit code found in United States. This number is found at the bottom of checks and other negotiable instruments of the financial institution from which they are drawn. It is known as ABA number because it is named after the American Bankers Association. It is named after them because the routing numbers were designed by them in 1910.

You can find out the routing numbers of a bank online from the official sites of these banks. You would find the routing numbers of the banks listed in their official websites. Another method is to rely on the routing tool-bars found on the internet. This tool-bar would give you the routing number of the bank you need if you fill in certain details like the name of the bank and its location.

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