Can I Deposit Husband's Check Into Account Without His Signature, Deposit Only? He Is Authorized On My Account, Can Withdraw And Sign Checks.


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I do this all the time. We have a joint account. I endorse the back as for deposit only 999999999.
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Can I deposit my son's unemployment check into my account with his signature going to the atm
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No, to be politically correct get his signature before deposit,there is a reason for a persons signature,and the # one thing is if there is any come back they can first check the signature, and that is even if both names are on the account,the signature of the person the check is made to must sign otherwise the bank will not cash it......good luck
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Even with joint accounts somethings just are not allowed in banking they aim to be correct,at all cost,if he signs something with the bank stating this is OK and it is notirized than maybe......
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Well,... You could forge his name and go to jail for it, or you can get his signature and do it legally. I don't know why you would want to do that to begin with, but that is your decision. Hope this helps.

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