How Can I Check If A Check Is Valid?


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There should be a bank name on the check. Call that bank.. If its not local, you can probably find a customer service phone number on the web. They should be able to tell you if the check is valid or not.
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Be careful about depositing checks from people you don't know. Especially checks sent to you from people on the internet. Odds are the check is good and all they want is YOUR ACCOUNT INFORMATION that is returned to them once you cash their check.

Now they have your name, address, and account number.
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I received a check from someone of the internet to get a lawyer for a custody battle that I am going through he sent the check I just want to know if it is valid
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Call the bank the check was drawn on. If it is a large bank that has a branch in your town, go in or call and present it for payment. They will tell you right away if the account even exists, if it can be cashed etc.

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