Explain Consumer Behaviour As Study And Challenge?


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By now it should be clear that the field of consumer behavior encompasses many things, from the simple purchase of a carton of milk to the selection of a complex networked computer system; from the decision to donate money to the charity to devious plans to rip off a company
There's an awful lot to understand, and many ways to go about it. Although people have certainly been consumers for a long time, it is only recently that consumption per se has been the object of the formal study. In fact, although many business schools now require that marketing major take a consumer behavior course, most colleges did not even offer such a course until the 1970s.
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The consumer behavior is a study as well as a challenge. In the cut throat world of today, where competition is the name of the game, it has become very difficult to see the consumer behavior amidst a large number of products. There are a lot of studies conducted to calculate the behavior but every single customer behaves to products differently. This is the reason it has become a challenge.

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