What's The Behaviour And Competitive Strategies Employed By An Organisation And The Role Of Regulatory Bodies?


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The role of companies is to encourage growth and to maintain a number of policies within their framework such as being punctual and professionalism. For example in law firms you will be rewarded much higher if you bring a lot of business in. This means that you are developing the company and maintaining and improving their reputation whilst delivering a great service.
The charge our rates are huge for these types of firms and you can win a lot of business by bringing in new clients to the company which makes you more valuable as an asset to the company. In accountancy firms, for example, you will have the opportunity to benefit from a host of company strategies including performance-enhanced bonuses. This means that depending on the level you qualify and if you go up the ladder quickly you will be entitled to a bonus based on your performance which is discussed with several partners.
This proves that there will be a lot of people driven to success and there are those who will have the opportunity to gain plenty of financial incentives if they succeed and out-perform their colleagues which is a huge bonus to have. There are structures in place in a lot of companies from discipline to warnings and unemployment severance but this is to ensure you stay on the straight and narrow. If you do not want to choose this path then you will soon be out the door or if you do not perform or put the work in as this will reflect badly not only on you but also on the company, which will not be tolerated.

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