Do Advertisements Have An Effect On Consumer Behaviour?


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Advertising is basically a type of communication. It attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or consume a product or service. It is designed in such a way that it creates and reinforces brand image and brand loyalty.

Thus, advertising plays a very important role in forming consumer behavior. Advertising is usually important for triggering the first time purchase of the product. Then, if the consumer likes it, he will purchase the product again. However, if the advertising and promotion portrays a good image of the product, the repurchase of the product is guaranteed.

Buyers of convenience goods are especially affected by advertising. This is because the products are more or less the same. Advertising plays a vital role in reminding consumers of the brand name. Thus, a strong brand image portrayed through advertising would ensure the repurchase of convenience goods.

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Yes, if it didn't have any effect they wouldn't spend the money on it. There is more of a dispute about what the effects are - eg, could advertising make you change your lifestyle or just choose different brands etc? You might like to look at this  debate on the topic , it looks quite lively.
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Yes, advertising does have an effect and is intended to do so. The whole purpose of advertising is to inspire an exchange between the consumer and business, if the consumer is inspired to do so, the advertising has influenced the behavior of that consumer.
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Advertising is basically a form of communication that is used to persuade customer to purchase a certain brand of product or service.

As the definition of the word clearly shows that advertising plays a great role in enticing customer to buy a certain product. So it can be considered a key element that affects customer's buying behavior.

Actually everyone loves to watch television, read newspapers and see the billboards around them. When they see certain products or services being advertised on them, they automatically get influenced. So if a person wants to buy an air conditioner, he would focus on the advertisements for air conditioners. That way he would probably choose the air conditioner that has the best advertisement.

So advertising is very important factor. It encourages first time buying of a brand of product or service. It also enhances the image of the brand in the minds of the consumers and ensures repetitive buying by the consumer.
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I think there are different ways we see this. It has a positive and negative effect.....
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In this approach to the consumer behaviour the utility is measureable and can be expressed in quantitative terms. The approach is also known as utility or classical approach because it was presented by classical economists.

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