What Are The Challenges And Opportunities In Organisation Behaviour?


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Using New Information Technology to Enhance Creativity and Organizational Learning
 Information Technology: The Computer Systems and Software that organizations use to speed the flow of information around an organization and to better link people and subunit within it
 Creativity: The decision making process that produces novel and useful ideas that lead to new or improved goods and services or to improvements in the way they are produced.
New Ways to increase performance
 Reengineering: A complete rethinking and redesign of business processes to increase efficiency, quality, innovation or responsiveness to customers.
 Restructuring: Altering and organization’s structure (e.g. By eliminating a department) to streamline the organization’s operations and reduce costs.
 Outsourcing: Acquiring goods or services from sources outside the organization
 Freelancers:  Independent Individuals who contract with an organization to perform specific services.
Developing Organizational Ethics and Well-Being
 Ethics: Rules beliefs and values that outline the ways in which managers and workers should behave when confronted with a situation in which their actions may help or harm other people inside of or outside an organization.
 Well being: The condition of being happy, healthy and prosperous
 Social responsibility: An Organization’s moral responsibility towards individuals or groups outside the organization that are affected by its actions
 Responding to Globalization
  This involves;
  Increased Foreign Assignments
  Working with People from Different Cultures
  Coping with Ant-Capitalism Backlash
  Overseeing Movement of Jobs to Countries with Low-Cost Labour
 Managing Workforce Diversity
Organizations are becoming a more heterogeneous mix of people in terms of gender, age, race, ethnicity and sexual orientation
 Improving Quality and Productivity
Quality Management which involves improvement in the quality of everything the organization does, concern for continual improvement, accurate measurement, empowerment of employees and intense focus on the customer.
Process reengineering which involves evaluating process in terms of contribution to goals, inefficient process thrown out and new systems introduced and redefines jobs and requires most to undergo training
 Responding to the Labour Shortage
 Improving Customer Service
 Improving People Skills
 Empowering People
 Coping with “Temporariness”
 Stimulation Innovation and Change
 Helping Employees Balance Work/Life Conflicts
 Improving Ethical Behaviour

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