What Is Consumer Behaviour And Types Of Learned Behaviour?


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Learning is a human behavior and it's quite natural. Learning comes from experience and knowledge. How consumers learn is a matter of interest to a market. The marketer advertise their products through different medias, print media, i.e. Newspaper, magazines, journals and through radio, television and the consumer comes to know about the product characteristics, brand labeling, packaging etc.    Types of learned behavior are as follows.    1: Physical Behavior:    We learn the physical behavior in day to day life and in variety of situations. For example, we learn, a healthy man want to talk with other person in society and learn many things that how to adjust himself with the existence situation.    2: Symbolic learning:    Most of the learning we can get by using the symbols. A customer gets to know after seeing the labeling or slogan or caption of a brand of product or services.    For example, when we see slogan "Great people to fly with", then we understand that what Pakistan International Airlines is offering.    3: Effective learning:    Effective learning is also called environmental learning. The consumers learn most of the things from its surroundings and environment.    For example, when consumer buy product he comes to know that the product suits him well and satisfy his needs and wants then he response positively to that product otherwise his response is negative.

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