How To Check May-bank Account Balance Online?


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You can look at your maybank check account balance by going through the bank's online banking system.

  • How to get online banking at maybank
There are a number of ways you can get online banking for maybank as long as you follow the criteria. You will have to apply at the website and you need to keep in mind that you need to have a maybank cred card or ATM card or you must be an account holder with the bank. The first thing you are going to have to do is choose the right option that is applicable to you. You will be asked to choose whether you are a maybank customer with a credit card or a new customer and so on.

  • Customer with an ATM/credit card
If you have an ATM or credit card then you can set up online banking via an ATM machine. What you need to do is select 'Maybank2u/Phone Banking/SMS alert' and then on to the application option. Type in your 6 digit PIN number and then confirm it. After that, login to the maybank website using the relative information. Then need to enter your ATM/credit card number and then your PIN. Once activated, you will be able to choose a username and password for future use.

  • New customer
If you are a new customer of the bank then you will firstly be required to visit the official website at and then apply for an account which will be shown under the 'accounts & banking' option. You will need to fill in the appropriate form and then you will be sent a reference number. Following that, print out the application form and take it to your local branch. From then an advisor will help you set up your online banking system.
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My account number is 15552000000464
my available balance is how much as on today?
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Check my savings account balance
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You need to go to the Maybank website and look under the 'online banking' tab at the top of the page towards the right. There you will find details of how to register for online banking if you haven't already done so - you will be given a pass number that lets you check your account online. If there are any difficulties you should use the Contacts section to get in touch with a bank official.
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If you mean how to balance your checkbook, the most important thing you can do is make sure you keep accurate records of every check you write and every deposit you make.  The quickest way to mess up is to forget to or postpone recording these things in the log that comes with your checks.  If you do this faithfully you should always know if you have enough money to cover each check you write.  When you get your bank statement each month, don't put off taking the time to sit down with your checkbook and your statement in order to balance them.  The statement should include instructions for doing this, and there will usually be a section on the back of your statement for your calculations.  Also make sure to double check your addition and subtraction.  Use a calculator, and if your bank pays interest on the money in your checking account, make sure you add it in when you receive it monthly or quarterly.

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