How Do I Check My Account Balance Online?


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"In order to check your balance online, you must first have an online banking account. To set one of these accounts up, you can either visit your local branch of your specific bank, as many can provide the service of setting this up for you, call the customer service number for your bank, or you can setup an account yourself, however, which of these options you chose depends entirely on which bank you are with as services vary from bank to bank.     

Once you have obtained an online banking account, go to your bank's website and click on 'login', 'log on' , 'sign in' or a similar link. You can then enter your online banking details so that you can access your account's main page. Then you can click the 'accounts' tab or link. This should take you to a page where you can access the accounts you have with the bank. Depending on the bank, the balance of each account may well be listed next to each individual account, or you may have to click on each individual account in order to check the balance of that specific account.
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You need to visit your Bank's website and check your balance from there. Usually banks have such web links mentioned in welcome letters or account opening letters. Depending on your Bank, you can also confirm balance from helpline(requires registration for some banks) or even via SMS.
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I need to check my account balance online at barclays

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