The price of us tys stock fell from $35.76 to $ 29.24 . What is the percent of decrease in price?


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One REALLY easy method of percent of change is old-new/old. So this is how you do it...
I DID NOT make that up myself. My math teacher is a ''mathematician" so he taught his honors kids that. Wow I can't believe I remember that! I thought my brain would be mush by now, since I haven't even thought of the word school all summer. Lol hope that helps
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Correct in every way, except for the fact that you left off the necessary parentheses. (35.76 - 29.24) / 35.76 * 100% = 18.2326622%
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The "drop" is calculated the way you have done. If you want the "change" (with sign), you use the formula (new - old)/old*100%. This will give you a change of -18.2%. Because it has a negative sign, you interpret it as a drop in price by that percentage.

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